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John Glenn Astronomy Park Upcoming Programs

through April 27, 2024

April 5-6: Learn about the Eclipse 7:45 PM 

The great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 will not cross over JGAP, but we will be talking about what to expect and where to go (not JGAP) to see it at its best. 


April 12-13: The thin crescent moon, and more galaxies 8:00 PM The crescent moon is dramatic and lovely. We will be looking at it before it sets and then turning our sights towards the galactic gems in Leo and Ursa Major. 


April 19-20: The Bright Moon Rises/Jupiter Bows Out 8:00 PM The moon is almost full this weekend, so we will again be focusing on it as it rises after dark. This is the last chance to see Jupiter before it dives into the sunset. 

April 26-27: The Moon Rises Late: 8:15 PM 

With the moon out of the way for a while, we will be able to admire The Galaxies in Leo, the Beehive cluster in Cancer the Crab, and the rich star cluster M35 in Gemini 

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